How It's Made

Handmade Heritage

Kemulan bracelets are handmade using the traditional anyam weaving technique from Bali that has become cherished around the world. The design and process— the same styles that locals wear— captures the true spirit of Bali. 

Our artisans have been expertly trained in the anyam technique to deliver consistent quality that requires meticulous attention-to-detail.

Unlike other bracelets, Kemulan utilizes double-length genuine leather threads— a technique that requires more skill and increases production time. The result is a better quality and longer lasting bracelet.

Quality in Craft & Materials

In Bali, the art jewelry making by hand has been passed down from generation to generation— resulting in unparalleled craftsmanship.

To honor this heritage, Kemulan only uses the finest materials of .925 sterling silver, genuine leather threads, and natural beads and stones.

Personal Touch

No two artisans are alike. Similarly, each bracelet is unique, reflecting your artisans touch.

To celebrate their craft, we've asked each artisan to include a distinct three-stone sequence as a "signature" that reveals which artisan crafted your one-of-a-kind bracelet.

Meet Your Artisan