Our Story

From Bali, For Bali

As Balinese, we love to share our island, culture and home with the world. 80% of Bali’s economy depends on the millions of visitors we welcome with open arms every year.

When Indonesia closed its borders in 2020, it should have only been for a few weeks.  Bali only recently open its doors in February of 2022— two years later.

Consequently, thousands of families in Bali lost their livelihood. While the pandemic may have taken away our traditional means to provide, it has not taken away our spirit.

Bali's ancient traditions of handcrafted art and jewelry have been cherished around the world for hundreds of years. The expertise of our artisans is used for jewelry collections of some of the largest fashion brands in the world.

From that, Kemulan was born— a handmade jewelry collection crafted and owned by local Balinese.

In the true spirit of Bali, the Kemulan collection features traditional Balinese wrap designs that locals wear. We only use the highest quality materials of natural beads and stones, genuine leather, and .925 sterling silver.  

When our island was closed for two years, we were able to export the soul of Bali. And while it will take some time to recover, our mission remans the same. Suksma.


Kemulan Founders

Kemulan was founded by the husband and wife team of Widi and Agung Narmada. Together they hold over 50 years of experience producing accessories— leading production and design of handmade jewelry for large organizations and global fashion brands.

When the pandemic hit Bali in 2020, they were heartbroken to watch family and friends lose their livelihoods within a few days of the island closure.

Widi and Agung thought they might be able to help. They began delivering jewelry supplies to villages and teaching local Balinese the art of traditional jewelry weaving.

From there, Kemulan was born— with a goal to export the soul of Bali to the rest of the world while providing much needed income to local Balinese.

Bringing Bali To You

While Bali remains closed, we still want to share our island with you.

Bali has a rich history in culture, art, and spirituality that's rooted in one of the most diverse and beautiful environments on Earth.

Therefore, each bracelet design tells a different story about the island's rich culture and storied landscapes.

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Our Artisans

Kemulan wouldn't be possible without our artisans.

All Kemulan bracelets are handmade— requiring great care and meticulousness to deliver quality authentic Balinese wrap bracelets.

Kemulan hires artisans from around the island, providing training, tools, and materials required to craft long-lasting wrap bracelets.

Each artisan includes a signature 3-stone sequence and note with every bracelet to show their gratitude.

Meet Our Artisans

A Day in the Life of a Kemulan Artisan

From the entire Kemulan Family

Suksma (Thank You)