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Handmade Wrap Bracelet with natural beads:

  • Moonstone Jade; multi-size
  • Grey jasper; 4mm
  • Genuine Leather
  • Sterling Silver Clasp

Measurement Length:

33" - 35" (84cm - 89cm); 5-wraps

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Along the hiking path to the summit of Mount Lempuyang you will encounter the Lempuyang pura complex, which ends with the famous Gates of Heaven. The complex is considered one of the "six sanctuaries of the world", the six holiest places of worship in Bali. While the trail is beautiful and accessible, its location in the Eastern end of the island results in few foreign visitors. If you've been there, you are one of the lucky few. Furthermore, locals believe you should never complain on the way up, because if one complains, they will not make it to the top.

Legends say that when the Earth was only 70 years old, the island of Bali was unstable and earthquakes happened daily. So the gods sent their children to stabilize the island by sitting on three peaks: Mount Agung, Mount Batur, and the peak of Mount Lempuyang. Together with the other two peaks, Lempuyang brings balance to the island.

We called this bracelet "Lempuyang" because of its beautiful moonstone color, the same you will see from the peak once you look at the sky from the Gates of Heaven. We chose to make it in one tone only, to give this bracelet the same heavenly balance as the mountain it is named after.

How It's Made