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Handmade Wrap Bracelet with natural beads:

  • Brown tiger eye; 6mm
  • Black lava; 6mm
  • Genuine Leather
  • Sterling Silver Clasp

Measurement Length:

14" - 16" (36cm - 41cm); 2-wraps

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In Bali, the way we build our homes is deeply influenced by Hindu spirituality. We have rules to satisfy religious requirements and we constantly need to maintain harmony and balance. These rules have important considerations for the karma of all the people involved in the Balinese home.

One traditional element is the merajan, the family temple. It's an area of the traditional Balinese home where we keep our kemulans, the shrines you find everywhere in Bali and that are dedicated to our gods.

We named this bracelet "Merajan" because it's done with two very important and spiritual gemstones: the brown tiger eye and the black lava that together give this wrap the harmony and balance that we seek in everything we do.

How It's Made