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Handmade Wrap Bracelet with natural beads:

  • Aquamarine; 4mm
  • Blue sky crystal; 4mm
  • Silver hematite; 4mm
  • Genuine Leather
  • Sterling Silver Clasp

Measurement Length:

13" - 15" (33cm - 38cm); double 2-wraps

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The SAWAH Story

When you are in Bali, rice fields are everywhere. From the enormous subak system of terraces to the simple field at the side of the road, rice is part of Balinese life.

And it has been the subak system of democratic and egalitarian farming practices that dates back more than 1000 years in Bali, has enabled the Balinese to become the most prolific rice growers in the archipelago despite the challenge of supporting a dense population.

We named "Sawah" this bracelet with aquamarine, blue sky crystal, and silver hematite to honor the power of water in growing our rice and helping Bali to thrive in the centuries.

How It's Made