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Handmade Wrap Bracelet with natural beads:

  • Black onyx matte; 4mm
  • Wood bead; 6mm
  • Genuine Leather
  • Sterling Silver Clasp

Measurement Length:

35" - 37" (89cm - 94cm); 5-wraps

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The PENJOR Story

Penjor are Bali. They are tall tapered poles made from bamboo and placed outside Balinese Hindu homes during Galungan holidays. Due to their length, often up to 10m, the poles droop or hang over the road, creating a very charming effect.

Penjor are erected to symbolize the dominance of good (dharma) over evil (adharma) as well as to offer thanks to the gods. The curved part of the penjor thus symbolizes Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali that is considered the home of the gods.

We named "Penjor" this long bracelet with wood beads and onyx gemstones to celebrate the long bamboo poles you see all around Bali during Galungan holidays. When you see it, leave an offering to the gods, if you like.

How It's Made